pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt

The best of everything: The all-rounder among forestry tracks.

you are ready to go, wherever and whenever you need to!

З pewag bluetrack flow-perfekt, ми винайшли справжнє універсальне рішення. Об'єднуючи технічні переваги bluetrack flow і bluetrack perfekt, ми створили комбінований продукт, який пропонує найкращі можливості щодо зчеплення і захисту ґрунту.
  • Good traction and soil protection
  • Multi-faceted application profile even on hillsides
  • Effortless operations on soft terrain

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Опис продукту

With pewag bluetrack duo flow-perfect you will benefit from…

  • …a handy 2-in-1 solution: Good traction and soil protection in a single forestry track.
  • …a multi-faceted application profile on varying terrains and soils – even on hillsides.
  • …effortless operations on a range of soft and muddy soil types, also with very heavy forestry machines.

Product design

Depending on the product design, the bluetrack duo flow-perfect range offers specific benefits:
  • 16mm cross member thickness for the flow profile – outstanding soil protection thanks to excellent weight distribution.
  • 20mm cross member thickness for the flow profile – for machines over 15 tonnes, the pewag bluetrack duo flow-perfect 20 is recommended, offering optimised stability with a cross member thickness of 20mm.


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