pewag single wheel track skidder

On the safe side: The forestry track for skidders.

Використовуються у лісозаготівельних операціях для видалення зрізаних дерев якомога швидше та ефективніше з місця зрубу. Щоб допомогти їм виконати свою роботу належним чином, pewag розробив pewag single wheel track.
  • Increases resistance of skidders
  • Improves traction
  • Effortless operations even on wet or rocky terrain

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Опис продукту

With pewag bluetrack mono skidder, you will benefit from…

  • …the option of making your skidder more resistant and powerful in one easy step.
  • …more traction on rough terrain.
  • …effortless operations on a range of highly different soil types, including wet or rocky terrain.
pewag bluetrack benefits

Excellent, uncompromising quality. First-class materials, coupled with engineering experience that goes back centuries, provide an advantage thanks to…
  • …superb traction and stability: Thanks to the innovative pewag starwave® profile and the asymmetrical positioning of the stubs, traction is considerably improved.
  • …improved wear resistance and a longer lifespan: pewag bluetrack forestry tracks always come with at least 2 stubs on each cross member, in the tried-and-tested pewag starwave® profile.
  • …highly cost effective: The optimised fit of the tracks to the tyre contours prevents the machine from sinking and helps it glide over the subsoil more easily. This reduces fuel consumption and makes the machine more efficient.
  • …good soil protection thanks to a larger contact surface that distributes the weight of the machine more easily and reduces soil damage.
  • …excellent service from our product experts and personal contact points worldwide.


  • Always use the maximum tyre pressure as indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that there is enough clearance for the tracks.

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