pewag snox suv

s(nox)olution! Naturally from pewag.

Innovative mounting by simply pulling it over the tire.

Pewag snox suv дозволяє легко та зручно встановлювати ланцюги проти ковзання.
  • Suitable for usage on paved roads with SUVs
  • Easy mounting in less than 4 minutes - Simply pull over the tire
  • Automatic tensioning system - no need to stop after mounting

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Описание продукта

  • Recommended for vehicles with front-wheel drive
  • Ideal for paved roads
Product Information
  • Easy to use because no lock parts are necessary
  • The chain tensions itself automatically – retensioning is not necessary
  • For demounting simply pull off the chain
  • Innovative starwave® profile increases the surface area of the chain link by approximately 7%, ensuring perfect traction and extended product life
  • Rim protection – no direct contact with the wheel rim thanks to innovative chain system
Technical Details
  • 3,7mm chain tested according to ÖNORM V 5117, EN 16662-1
  • The pewag snox-box regulates the chain tension fully automatically – manual tensioning is no longer necessary
  • Closed system – therefore no rings, no hooks
  • Quick-release system for easy demounting


Таблиця характеристик

Code / Type SAP item number tire sizes
SXV 570  4044315  ↓ 
SXV 580  4044317  ↓ 
SXV 590  4044321  ↓ 
SXV 600  4044322  ↓